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Menu 8

Hi Friends -

I’m not even going to ask if people are ready for the snow because come on….this is ridiculous. OVER IT! Here are some recipes to enjoy as you are trapped at home…again.

FRIDAY – out

SATURDAY – Tacos – I did basic tacos w/ ground beef but I did add shredded zucchini to the meat and no one was the wiser. Crisp it up really nice and it all melds together.

SUNDAY – Roasted Pork – – Polenta – I had high hopes for this but was seriously disappointed. I probably botched it by taking it out too early. It was just not a great dinner. To be honest, I’d rather talk about lunch.

Avocado Toast – had avocado w/ lemon juice, salt and crushed red pepper on toast. It was great.

Greek Yogurt Pancakes – kids had yogurt pancakes w/ some spinach blended in. I combined everything in the blender and it was super smooth. The leftovers went in the lunchbox, too.

MONDAY – Chicken Nuggets – - Roasted Broccoli, Rice – The chicken nuggets were pretty standard. But I did put some flax meal in the breading.

TUESDAY – Lemon Thyme Meatballs – – Plain spaghetti – These meatballs are easy to make ahead and have totally different flavor from regular meatballs. I usually warm them up in a pan so they get a little crusty. For the spaghetti, I usually dress it with some lemon juice and olive oil or some lemon ponzu.

WEDNESDAY – Redone Pork, Egg Noodles, Pancetta & Greens – - I managed to salvage some of the pork from the not-so-hot Sunday dinner. I gave it a good chop and warmed it up w/ a little beef broth and Dijon mustard. Then served it over egg noodles. It was just ok. But these greens – oh my. I used already cubed pancetta and some swiss chard. The key to this is to let the pancetta get good and crispy and shred the greens really small – that way they crisp up too. My best eater (Mae) totally went for them. She and I cannot wait to have them again!

THURSDAY – Leftovers


Crockpot Black Beans – - Simple and good to have on hand or in the freezer. I puree them w/ an immersion blender so they are more like refried.

Potluck Meatballs – - I am kind of in love w/ this recipe. It’s like meatballs w/ steak sauce. For us, it made two meals.

Chicken w/ Kale/Brussels Sprout Hash – - I am putting this on the hit list mostly because the leftover chicken was SO good. It made a fabulous chicken salad. The marinade is just really nice.

Red Salad - - I was the only one who loved this but I really loved it. A new winter super salad!

Lemon and Chicken Rice Soup - - I liked this because it was deconstruct-able. Make the rice separately and spoon the soup over it.

Homemade Microwave Popcorn - - Our new favorite snack.

Sautéed Greens – - Already cubed pancetta made this easy and super yum!

Stay warm!


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